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How Emergi Works


Rooftop solar panels are a great way to generate electricity from the sun, but they are not practical for or accessible to all households.


Some roofs may be heavily shaded, or have a less than ideal pitch. Some families may not have the capital needed to invest in installation.


 Whatever your reason, Emergi provides an alternative to residential solar installation by connecting your home to a local solar farm.

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Emergi uses existing grid infrastructure in conjunction with your electric utility to provide reliable clean energy in a simple three step process:

  1. To start, all you need is your last month's energy bill and you can request a quote for 100% solar at

  2. Next, click the activation link in your email and enter your current electric utility account information. Emergi will use this to seamlessly transition you to automatic payments with us through Square.

  3. Finally, enjoy your solar energy and check your inbox for a monthly summary which includes information on your impact and performance relative to your plan’s estimates.

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How do I know that the energy I am getting is from solar?

We leverage metering and a tool known as a renewable energy credit (or REC) to confirm that the energy generated from the farm was delivered to and consumed by your home.


We are in the process of seeking external certification to validate these processes.

Our Pitch for Clean Energy


Meet Zelda

Zelda is a solar farm in Asheboro, North Carolina. The project was born in April 2019 and generates enough solar electricity every year to power 250 homes. 

Emergi uses the solar electricity from this system to reduce our network's carbon footprint and support local solar energy.

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