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We are a non-profit cooperative which helps members make money, go green, and grow their communities using solar energy. We are changing how people value energy. Our member-powered platform provides energy services and re-invests earnings back into the community to fund sustainability projects and create jobs. We believe that a community should own the energy that it consumes and that the benefits should be shared.

The world’s emergy—the energy embodied in everything—is moving from dirty, finite, and inefficient sources to clean, renewable, and affordable ones (primarily the sun). Emergi was created to ensure that this transition is simple and open to everyone. As we move toward a society aligned with nature, power will be held by the people from the bottom-up.  Emergi members will lead this transition, and we welcome you to join us.

Emergi was born after a decade of innovation to ensure that the sustainability transition is simple and open to everyone. We are a group of passionate technologists, advocates, and academics dedicated to democratizing sustainability. Our strategy is to marry the best practices from asset management, data science, and community development so that everyone will benefit from the new economy.




100% Solar Energy

Emergi connects you with local solar projects to make your entire energy bill 100% solar, as soon as you join.

Cost Savings

 Join for free and choose from a menu of solutions that will ensure you cost savings on your bill. Buy upgrades at your own pace using advice from our dashboards.


Cooperative Model

Membership in a cutting-edge cooperative means the power is in your hands. Savings are pooled and a portion is shared out as a dividend - or, you can choose to reinvest your dividend into the network.

Certified Impact

Emergi follows state-of-the-art certification methods to validate the impact of our work. 

Data Dashboard

Get insight into your energy usage through our efficiency, pollution, and affordability scoring dashboard.

How it works

Join and link your bill

Log on, link your energy bill, and let Emergi take it from there. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your energy usage, link your bill to renewable energy, and provide you with curated advice on additional sustainability actions. You'll automatically go carbon neutral by 2050.

Earn points based on energy usage

Earn points simply by being a member. We track your usage and reward you points for utilizing renewables. Your impact is amplified through our cooperative network. 

Use your points

Ramp up your points earnings by purchasing sustainability upgrades from our suite of solutions. Use your points to go carbon neutral immediately. Convert your annual dividend to cash or reinvest your points in the network.


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Emergi is a project of the Emergi Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.